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We will safely and securely store your personal data. But we must remind you that the data transmission network cannot guarantee 100% security, and the risk of an information leak is possible.




NSL will make efforts to timing check on the site’s discussion, message, chat and view similar pages, but this should not be regarded as website development company’s obligations. After user access or use of this website, any fallacy, false information, or insulting, defamatory, obscene, threatening and any other content prohibited by the People’s Republic of Bangladesh’s law, the website development company and us are not responsible. Once any user disseminate the above-mentioned illegal content on this website, the site have the right to delete such content or interrupt the link, and provide all the information of the user to the law enforcement agencies actively or at the request of agencies. Once you have found any violations to your legitimate rights and interests on any page of this site, please promptly notify this website in order that Anviz Global company can take corresponding actions.




You should know all risks you assume when accessing and use of this site. You must be clear and precise understanding that it may include any risks as the following situations and caused damage or inconvenience,The reason that you inform the user’s password to others or share account with others, or any other responsibility caused by yourself, leakage to any person or company.


Any force majeure (including but not limited to hacker attacks, computer viruses or attacks, a temporary shut down because of government regulation, etc.) caused leakage of personal data, lost, stolen or tampered and so on. As a result of linking to other sites in this site, leakage of personal data and any legal disputes and results. In addition, due to your viewing, use of this site or downloading any information on this website, your computer is infected with virus , your computer equipment or other property are damaged, NSL is not responsible.


Despite a low probability risk, it’s existent.




NSL, will update the site at any time, modify the “legal statement”, you should be bound by any such modification. Hence please be sure to regularly visit this page to be informed with the latest content from the site you are bound to.



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